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Data Security integration

Integration with Websense Data Security ensures that Data Security email policies for acceptable use, data loss prevention, and encryption of sensitive information are enforced. Email Security Gateway is a control point for policies that are configured and managed by the Data Security module. See TRITON - Data Security Online Help for information about configuring Data Security policies.

Acceptable use policies ensure compliance with corporate rules for business and appropriate language and data content in email. Email Security Gateway uses the acceptable use policies to block or quarantine email based on content. Data loss prevention policies detect and secure sensitive data that may be transmitted in email.

Data Security policies can detect email that should be encrypted and return that information in the message header to the Email Security Gateway encryption server.

Reliable policy-based message routing

Email Security Gateway delivers a feature-rich content-filter framework for on-premises email scanning and routing capabilities. Use Email Security Gateway to designate IP addresses of trusted clients whose mail is not subject to some scanning operations. Define domains and IP address groups, and configure policy-based routing for email traffic.

Domain and IP address groups can be used in other Email Security functions like user authentication and message encryption options.

Email Security Gateway lets you define policies that are applied to specified sets of email senders and recipients. You can create policies for different sets of users in your organization and apply a different set of rules in each policy. Data Security acceptable use and data loss prevention policies are defined in the Data Security module.

Policy rules comprise the filters and filter actions that determine how a message that matches a policy’s sender/recipient conditions is handled. Filters provide the basis for email scanning for viruses and spam, and filter actions determine the final disposition of a message that triggers a particular filter.

An email content policy configured in the Data Security module may specify that a message should be encrypted for delivery. Users can specify 1 of the following types of encryption for Email Security Gateway to use:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) negotiated between a client and server

  • Third-party application encryption. Third-party encryption software must support

the use of x-headers to communicate with Email Security.

A third encryption option, using the hybrid service, may be selected in the Settings > General > Encryption page, but this service will not be available until later in Spring 2011. This option can only be selected if the hybrid service is configured and enabled.

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