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The Email Security report catalog includes the following general report types:

  • Overall message summary

  • Inbound message summary

  • Outbound message summary

  • Data Security message summary

  • Spam and virus summary

  • Message transfer summary

  • System capacity

In addition, Email Security Gateway provides the following logs on the Main > Status > Logs page:

  • Message log for a running record of received email messages

  • Audit log to record any administrator changes to Email Security Gateway configuration settings

  • System log to record system level events such as a reboot or database update

  • Console log to record Email Security Gateway changes in the TRITON Unified Security Center

Appliance clustering

Email Security Gateway offers support for multiple-appliance clusters, each of which has 1 primary appliance and 1 or more secondary, or auxiliary, appliances. The Email Security Gateway cluster provides real-time synchronization between the primary appliance and all secondary appliances in a cluster. Configuration settings for a secondary appliance can be accessed only from its designated primary appliance.

Log events for a cluster are centrally stored and reporting is aggregated across all machines. All quarantined email messages can be stored locally in each Email Security Gateway appliance or remotely on an external storage device. Either way, the data can be accessed from the same interface(s).

Appliances in a cluster must all be of the same platform: all V10000 G2 or all V5000 G2, not a mix of the 2 platforms. Platform versions must also match in a cluster.

Applications deployed on appliances in a cluster must be the same. For example, all appliances in a cluster are Email Security only appliances, or they all have Websense Web Security Gateway in addition to Email Security.

Appliances in a cluster should also have the same message queue configurations. Messages in a secondary appliance queue may be lost if that queue is not configured on the primary machine before the cluster is created.

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