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Personal Email Manager

Email Security Gateway includes an effective tool for end-user email management. Personal Email Manager enables designated end users to manage their own blocked email. Authorized users can choose to deliver, delete, forward, or view blocked email messages. A user may also add the sender’s address to a personal Always Block or Always Permit list to control access from those senders. See Personal Email Manager User Help for information about this end-user facility.

Personal Email Manager end-user control is configured the Email Security Gateway management interface. An administrator can determine the contents of the message notifying an end user about blocked mail, and control whether that user can maintain personal lists of email addresses that are either always blocked or always permitted.

Operating tips

Topic 70007 / Updated: 28-Apr-2011

Applies To:

Websense Email Security Gateway v7.6 Websense Email Security Gateway Anywhere v7.6

This article includes some operating tips for TRITON - Email Security.

Network date/time

Email Security Gateway components must all be located in the same time zone and be synchronized to the same time. The affected components include:

  • Email Security Gateway V-Series appliance

  • Email Security Gateway management server

  • Email Security Gateway log server

  • SQL Server database

Hybrid service registration

Hybrid service registration needs to be completed on a single Email Security appliance. The registration process cannot be started on 1 appliance and continued on another appliance.

After you have completed the registration on 1 appliance, that registration is applied to all other appliances listed with the Email Security management server.

TRITON - Email Security Version 7.6 Release Notes X 7

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