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Dwˆ r Cymru Welsh Water | Annual Report of Health and Safety | 2009


Introduction Welsh Water’s OHSAS 18001 accredited safety management system denes the processes, policies, legal framework and structures that we have established to manage all aspects of our operation. It provides a ‘governance’ framework by setting out the responsibilities for the management of OH&S, and ensuring we remain focused on the accountability of individuals and teams within the business - using both reporting structures and formal management systems to identify and control risks to the operation of Welsh Water.

Good governance also requires us to have proactive, open and transparent reporting relationships with Welsh Water’s key stakeholders. In this respect, key stakeholders include the community we serve, Welsh Water’s regulators, supply chain partners and government, as well as all sta across the AMA.

Monitoring performance Performance reviewed at Welsh Water and AMA forums Arrangements have been established to review our health and safety performance and these are described in the Health and Safety Organisational Structure chart in Appendix 1

Monitoring and review of our overall health and safety performance is undertaken during bi-monthly meetings between Welsh Water’s Health and Safety Managers and the Health and Safety Managers of our partnering organisations. Here, details of progress against our AMA action plans are reviewed, together with details of any reactive events such as accidents and incidents. Audit reports are also reviewed and checks made to ensure that any corrective actions have been closed out within agreed timescales. Any lessons learned from this joint process are shared and best practice within the AMA is discussed and, where appropriate, applied across the AMA.

Welsh Water’s OH&S policy and procedure is reviewed at a Health and Safety Committee, which meets regularly to review performance and to consider opportunities for further improvements to our management arrangements. Chaired by a senior manager, the committee reports to the Welsh Water Health and Safety Steering Group, which approves priorities and, where required, the release of resources as appropriate.

To communicate our health and safety performance throughout the business, a monthly health and safety management report is produced and circulated to heads of departments. This is also published on Welsh Water’s Infozone (the sta Intranet) and on notice boards around the business.

The Quality and Environment Committee of the Board reviews health and safety performance on a monthly basis and report directly to the Board on this and wider health and safety matters.

Roadmaps - continuous improvement action plan programme In 2008-09, Welsh Water and its service partners delivered against 157 roadmap initiatives, which split into 375 individual health and safety action plans. From April 2008, Welsh Water’s incident tracker was used to record and track the progress of all roadmap initiatives.

The company specic action plans included initiatives focused on:

  • Behavioural safety

  • Sta training and awareness

  • Site and works inspections

  • OH&S audit

  • Occupational health

At the end of the year the average completion of all roadmaps was 98%. Of the 375 individual action plans 85% were fully completed; 3% were between 90 and 100% complete; and 2% between 80 and 90% complete. All were completed early in the following year, 2009-10.


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