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Independent external audit Welsh Water arranges for external audits to be carried out on partnering contractors. As we have a robust internal cross-partner audit programme in place (see below), Welsh Water does not audit all partners every year. Instead, a number of the partners are selected annually, such that all service partners are independently audited at least once in every three year period.

External audits were carried out during 2008-09 on eight service partners: Costain, Morgan Est, Morrison, Laing O’Rourke, Capgemini, TCS, UUOS and Kelda. This represents one third of the directly appointed strategic service partners. Topics audited were:

  • The process for collecting and recording of accident and injury data

  • The process for accident investigation

  • Management of obligations under the Construction Design Management Regulations 2007 (CDM), whether as Designer, CDM coordinator or Principal Contractor.

  • Accuracy of reporting progress against roadmap initiatives.

  • Robustness in closing non-conformances from previous external audits.

  • Occupational health provision and management of sta wellbeing.

  • Review of the general health & safety management arrangements.

7 of the 8 organisations audited demonstrated high standards of compliance to the audit criteria, with Morgan Est, Morrison and Laing O’Rourke being commended by the auditors for their excellent standards. An improvement plan has been agreed for the 8th service partner.

Cross partner audits Under Welsh Water’s programme of cross partner audits, each partner is periodically audited by two of their AMA peers. Since 2001, there have been 240 such audits, with each service partner audited up to three times per year.

In 2008-09; 47 audits were completed, each with between 30 and 40 areas of examination. In total, this process recorded 1,631 conformances, 80 non-conformances (most of which have been closed or have been programmed for completion via a roadmap action plan), and 17 examples of exemplar good practices. In 2007-08 there were 36 cross audits, which identied similar levels of conformance: 17 examples of exemplar good practices, 1,181 conformances and 76 non- conformances.

Cross partner audits are viewed as being good practice in multi company delivery alliances and are now recommended by the HSE.

Notwithstanding the high level of conformance with the audit criteria, the actual numbers achieved are not the main story. The system of cross partner audit has achieved two signicant benets. First, in providing Welsh Water with a long term view of the health & safety competence of all its AMA partners, but also in allowing the AMA’s health & safety professionals to take on the role of auditor, and gain an unprecedented view of health & safety procedures and processes in other organisations. This view of other partner’s processes has resulted in considerable sharing of good practice and cross fertilisation of ideas, and signicant improvement in the professional expertise of all involved.

Cross partner audits 2008-09


94 Conformance 5 Non-conformance 1 Good practice

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