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Dwˆ r Cymru Welsh Water | Annual Report of Health and Safety | 2009

Appendix 2

How we manage health & safety in an outsourced service industry

The following is a general description of the health and safety management system developed by Welsh Water and its contract partners. This continues to evolve over time as best practice changes within and outside the Welsh Water enterprise.

1. Selection of contractors Before any contractor is appointed to work for Welsh Water the health and safety manager or appointed agent will review a pre-qualication questionnaire completed by the contractor. Part of the assessment process may necessitate a visit to the contractor’s oces and interviews with their management team and safety representatives.

In Appendix 2, we provide further information in respect of Welsh Water’s procurement procedures and the standard of health and safety review this requires.

2. Setting performance targets At the earliest opportunity following the appointment of the contractor, and usually within 6-weeks, the client manager and Health and safety manager will meet a contractor and agree a ‘roadmap’ action plan, outlining a range of specic health and safety issues which form part of the contract performance arrangements.

Best practice groups – Where a contractor has similar activities to other appointed contractors they are required to join a health and safety best practice group and share knowledge and information with other Welsh Water contract partners.

Peer group cross auditing – Best practice groups agree an appropriate health and safety audit programme and undertake a series of internal cross auditing, whereby one or more contractors audits another in their peer groups and shares lessons learned. This cross audit also forms part of Welsh Water's continuous improvement programme to identify and manage health and safety risks, and the results of the audits will be considered as a performance measure together with the roadmap action plan.

External audits – An approved health and safety specialist is engaged by Welsh Water to undertake independent external audits of contractors at intervals of not less than every three years. The results of these audits are fed back to the contractor.

Roadmaps are based upon a joint assessment of the health and safety risks associated with the contract, and will include both quantitative and qualitative targets. The roadmap action plans are reviewed and updated as appropriate on an annual basis.

3. Monitoring performance Performance monitoring will involve both pro- active and re-active monitoring arrangements.

Problem solving workshops – If the activities of one contractor impacts upon the health and safety performance of another, and issues are not readily resolved, Welsh Water will take the lead and facilitate a problem solving workshop in which all relevant contractors are required to participate and agree a satisfactory solution to the health and safety issues raised.

3.1 Pro active monitoring Performance reporting – Progress against agreed Roadmap objectives is routinely reported. This involves either monthly or bi-monthly meetings with contractors to ensure focus is maintained on all health and safety matters, and to reinforce Welsh Water’s commitment to high standards of health and safety. The meetings will discuss the results of the contractor’s health and safety performance based upon the data supplied.


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