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3.2 Reactive monitoring Contractors are required to submit, on a monthly basis, details relating to the following:

  • Near hits

  • Minor accidents

  • Reportable accidents/diseases

  • Dangerous occurrences

  • Enforcement action or contact from

Enforcement agents

  • Lost time from work related ill health

This information is discussed at routine review meetings and used to assess whether the pro-active measures are having an impact on reducing the accident/incident rates, and assist with any trend analysis.

4. Contract review Regular feedback from Welsh Water on health and safety performance is included in monthly or bi- monthly meetings.

In addition, a formal review of the contractor’s health and safety performance is undertaken each year. Should there be any concern that a contractor is under performing, notice will be served on the contractor requiring improved performance within a specied, but reasonable, timescale. Over and above any contractual remedy available to Welsh Water, should a contractor fail to positively respond then it may be removed from Welsh Water's schedule of approved contractors. This prevents such contractor from qualifying for further work until such time as Welsh Water considers arrangements have been put in place to address those concerns.

In certain extreme circumstances, where it has become evident that the contractor is unable or unwilling to eectively manage the health and safety risks, Welsh Water has reserved powers of Step In under which it may take direct management control of any contract.

5. Major incidents All major accidents must be reported immediately to Welsh Water's Client Manager and Health and Safety Manager, and an agreed process of accident investigation and reporting followed.

In the event of a major health and safety incident, Welsh Water reserves the right to determine whether to appoint independent specialist investigators to establish the root cause, and conduct a review of existing management systems to prevent or mitigate against further similar incidents. All relevant managers and contractors would be required to assist the appointed investigator, and any resulting proposed actions would agreed with Welsh Water.

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