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410. * Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla atricapilla) – identified in the grounds of the Gorgora hotel, Lake Tana

(S. a. dammholzi) – widespread and common.

411. * Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia curruca curruca) – several in the hotel grounds at Lake Awasa.

412. * Menetries's Warbler (Sylvia mystacea mystacea) – several in the lightly bushed areas of Awash NP and in the wadi below Dittilou, Djibouti.

413. * Brown Parisoma (Parisoma lugens lugens) – several in the hotel grounds, Wondo Genet.

(P. l. griseiventris) – seen near Robe.

414. * Abyssinian Slaty Flycatcher. (Melaenornis chocolatinus chocolatinus) – in the grounds of the Seven Olives hotel, Lalibela.

415. Northern Black Flycatcher (Melaenornis edolioides lugubris) – several near Gambela.

(M. e. schistaceus) – widespread & common.

416. African Grey Flycatcher (Melaenornis microrhynchus neumanni) [considered as a separate species M. microrhynchus including M. m. neumanni "Large Grey Flycatcher" by some authorities] – frequent in south.

(M. m. pumilus) [considered as a separate species M. pumilus "Little Grey Flycatcher" by some authorities] – at Fantalle Crater, Awash NP.

417. Silverbird (Empidornis semipartitus) – frequent in the highlands.

418. African Dusky Flycatcher (Muscicapa adusta minima) – two at Sanford English School, Addis Ababa.

419. Böhm's Flycatcher (Muscicapa boehmi) – common on the track to Shiwa Ngandu, Zambia.

420. African Paradise-Flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis ferreti) – common, with several having partial rufous replacement with white, and one with total replacement.

(T. v. plumbeiceps) – at Shiwa Ngandu, Zambia.

421. Black-throated Wattle-eye (Platysteira peltata mentalis) – at Shiwa Ngandu campsite, Zambia.

422. Chinspot Batis (Batis molitor puella) – on the road to Shiwa Ngandu, Zambia.

423. * Grey-headed Batis (Batis orientalis bella) – in the bush behind the hotel at Lake Langano.

(B. o. chadensis) – several in Gambela NP.

424. * Black-headed Batis (Batis minor erlangeri) – frequent in Awash NP.

425. Pygmy Batis (Batis perkeo) – on the road from Negele to Yavello.

426. Ethiopian Hill-Babbler (Pseudoalcippe abyssinicus abyssinicus) – feeding in the open in the forest above Wondo Genet.

427. * Brown Babbler (Turdoides plebejaus cinerea) – two flocks near Gambela.

428. * Scaly Babbler (Turdoides squamulatus jubaensis) – one seen between the River Genale and Negele.

429. White-rumped Babbler (Turdoides leucopygius leucopygia) [considered as a separate from the southern African races  grouped under T. hartlaubi "Hartlaub's Babbler" by some authorities] – common in the Simien Mountains, totally white head caused some confusion.

(T. l. limbata) – several seen near Lake Heyk and Lalibela.

(T. l. smithi) – on the road from Serdo to Djibouti.

(T. l. omoensis) – several flocks in Nechisar NP.

(T. l. clarkei) – several flocks near Gambela.

(T. l. lacuum) – one group between Nechisar NP & Shashamene.

430. * Fulvous Chatterer (Argya fulvus acaciae) – seen in Awash NP .

431. Rufous Chatterer (Argya rubiginosus heuglini) – widespread & common.

432. * Ethiopian Catbird (Parophasma galinieri) – common on the Simien mountains, seldom seen elsewhere in the highlands.

433. Northern Grey Tit (Parus thruppi) – common at Sof Omar.

434. Miombo Grey Tit (Parus griseiventris) – common on the track to Shiwa Ngandu, Zambia.

435. White-winged Black Tit (Parus leucomelas leucomelas) – 3 at Lake Abiata-Shala NP.

436. * White-backed Black Tit (Parus leuconotus) – common on the road from Bale Mountains south towards Negele.

437. Mouse-coloured Penduline Tit (Anthoscopus musculus musculus) – in the bush behind the hotel at Lake Langano.

438. Amethyst Sunbird (Nectarinia amethystina kirkii) – on the track to Shiwa Ngandu, Zambia.

439. Scarlet-chested Sunbird (Nectarinia senegalensis cruentata) – widespread & frequent.

440. Variable Sunbird (Nectarinia venustus albiventris) – widespread, but common in the grounds of the Gorgora Hotel, Lake Tana (the name of "Yellow-bellied Sunbird" inappropriate to this race, as it is white-bellied).

(N. v. fazoqlensis) [considered as a separate species N. fazoqlensis "Northern Yellow-bellied Sunbird" by some authorities] – widespread, but common at Wondo Genet.

441. Miombo Double-collared Sunbird (Nectarinia manoensis) – along the track to Shiwa Ngandu, Zambia.

442. Smaller Black-bellied Sunbird (Nectarinia nectarinioides erlangeri) – one seen by the river near Melka Ghuba.

443. Shining Sunbird (Nectarinia habessinica habessinicus) – common on road to Fantalle Crater, Awash NP.

444. Copper Sunbird (Nectarinia cuprea cuprea) – one, near Metu.

An Ethiopian trip: 27/11/1999 to 17/01/2000Giles Mulholland 31 January 2000

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