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A Checklist of the Birds of Ethiopia, Emil K. Urban & Leslie H. Brown

1971, Addis Ababa University Press

contains a list of every species & sub-species to be seen in Ethiopia, with broad geographical ranges and habitats where each is likely to be found - but no specific sites mentioned. No illustrations.

Trip report - Ethiopia 15th December 1995 to 6th January 1996, Richard Webb et al

1996, African Bird Club

contains excellent site guides to 33 of the best sites in central and south-east Ethiopia, providing sites to all of Ethiopia's endemics. Also provides a list of species seen, with some details as to where they were seen. However, there is no information on the northern or western parts of the country.

Ethiopia's Endemic Birds, Emil K. Urban

1980, Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprise

contains paintings and a brief description of 23 of Ethiopia's endemic species.

Important Bird Areas of Ethiopia: A First Inventory, Ethiopian Wildlife & Natural History Society

1996, Ethiopian Wildlife & Natural History Society.

An excellent briefing document on IBA's, although these are not necessarily the best bird-watching sites.

The Birds of Africa, Volumes 1-5, Leslie H Brown, Emil K. Urban & Kenneth Newman

1982 & onwards, Academic Press, ISBN 0-12-137301-0, et al

Essential reading, especially if more detailed information on behaviour, etc is required, as well as the taxonomy, identification & distribution of sub-species is wanted.

African handbook of Birds: Series 1: Birds of Eastern and North-Eastern Africa, Volumes 1&2, C. W. Mackworth-Praed & C. H. B. Grant

1952, Longman, ISBN 0-582-46082-4

Essential reading for those species not yet covered in The Birds of Africa series.  Seriously outdated, with poor illustrations, but often the only reference for Ethiopia and its neighbours.

Finches & Sparrows: An Identification Guide, Peter Clement et al.

1993, Russel Friedman Books, ISBN 0-9583223-4-1

Essential reading for detailed information for these families, at least until volume 7 of The Birds of Africa is published.

Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania, Dale A. Zimmerman et al.

1996, Russel Friedman Books, ISBN 1-875091-04-1

A good source of more detailed information than can be obtained from van Perlo's book.  A bit bulky, and only covers 80%+ species to be found in Ethiopia, but well worth taking if space (and weight) allows.

A Bird Atlas of Kenya, A Lewis & D Pomeroy

1989, A. A. Balkema Publishers, ISBN 90-6191-716-6

A useful atlas for more extensive birding in Kenya.

Birds of East Africa: their Habitat, Status and Distribution, P. L. Britton (ed)

1980, East African Natural History Society

Useful if the trip is going to cover any of the countries south of Ethiopia.  Possibly a bit dated, and partially superceded by the next publication.

Annotated Checklist of the Birds of East Africa, Lester L. Short et al.

1990, Proceedings of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Volume 4, No. 3

The latest comprehensive publication for Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

An Ethiopian trip: 27/11/1999 to 17/01/2000Giles Mulholland 31 January 2000

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