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Where to watch birds in Africa, Nigel Wheatley

1995, Russel Friedman Books, ISBN 1-876091-02-5

contains useful information in the planning phase, but not essential to carry on the trip – there are no sufficiently detailed site descriptions or routes that require the original.

Distribution Atlas of Sudan's Birds with Notes on Habitat and Status, G. Nikolaus

1987, Bonner Zoologische Monograpgien, No 25, ISBN 3-925382-25-9

Virtually the only information on Sudan's birds.

The Birds of Britain & Europe, Hermann Heinzel et al.

1972, Collins, ISBN 00-212034-8

There are no doubt newer and better guides, but this proved better than none for assisting with the identification of the palearctic migrants found in Ethiopia. A European guide is recommended, as their ID information on migrants is better than any other African book.

A Field Guide to Zambian Birds not found in Southern Africa, Dylan Aspinwall & Carl Beel

1998, Zambian Ornithological Society, ISBN 9982-811-00-2

an excellent guide to be used as a supplement to the southern African guides (Newman's, Roberts, or Sasol).

Newman's Birds of Southern Africa, Kenneth Newman

1996, Southern Book Publishers, ISBN 1-86812-611-0

my favourite of the southern African guidebooks, which still covers nearly 50% of the species to be found in Ethiopia.  Others may prefer the Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, or Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa.  Useful if you are used to using one of these guides.

Checklist of Birds of the Afrotropical and Malagasy Regions, R. J. Dowsett & A. D. Forbes-Watson

1993, Tauraco Press, ISBN 2-87225-000-X

Useful for relatively updated information on species level distribution

Trip report - Ethiopia 24th October to 18th November 1996, Jon Hornbuckle

1996, African Bird Club

Adds little to Richard Webb's trip report, other than for different timing of the visit, so producing a slightly different species list

Ethiopia: In search of endemic birds: Julian Francis & Hadoram Shirihai

1999, Julian Francis, ISBN 0-9534762-0-1

excellent information on the endemics, with good photographs.


A Field Guide to the Mammals of Africa, Theodor Haltenorth & Helmut Diller

1980, Collins, ISBN 0 00 219778 2

I haven't found a better compact book covering the larger mammals of the continent.


North East Africa & Arabia - Michelin map # 954 - scale 1:4 000 000

People who haven't travelled extensively in Africa might think that the scale is inappropriate.  However, all viable roads are marked, and I would not suggest using the "minor tracks" marked - in many cases they don’t even exist.

Central & South Africa - Michelin map # 955 - scale 1:4 000 000

Essential if side-trips are planned on the way north, although not really necessary in order to reach Nairobi (i.e. the southern limit of map #954).

Ethiopia: Ethiopian Mapping Agency - scale 1:2 000 000

I found that this map contained no more useful or up-to-date information than the Michelin map, with the sole exception of the road from Dilbe to Lalibela (which is now closed anyway).

An Ethiopian trip: 27/11/1999 to 17/01/2000Giles Mulholland 31 January 2000

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