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Slide 22. Most of you have probably heard a lot of this before.  Lifting techniques are pretty much common sense today.  Then why do so few people use the proper techniques?  Is it laziness or fatigue?  “My legs are too tired to squat down, so I’ll just bend over to pick this up.” Think about your back over the long term.  Bending over to pick up that wrench probably won’t cause your back to break, but it does wear it down, until one day, bending over will result in an injury. Don’t lift too much. If a load is too heavy for you (50 pounds is a good limit for most people), ask for help.  Remember, you’re not in the gym lifting weights on ergonomic machines and bars.  You’re lifting a bulky object that may be difficult to grip.

Always consider your back.  Is my posture OK?  Is my back conditioned for this pickup game of basketball?  Am I overdoing it by helping my friend move?  Do I use proper lifting techniques when lifting my infant or toddler?

Slide 23.  Are there any questions concerning lifting techniques? Let’s do the summary and then the quiz.

Slide 24.  In summary, remember to treat your back with respect at all times. One wrong move could cause you a lifetime of pain.

Slide 25.  Remind employees that the quiz is to encourage further discussion and to help you, the trainer, be sure that everyone understands what was discussed.

Slide 26 – 28. No notes.

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