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BMCNO Gazette June 2004

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Remember when you buy a 50/50 ticket and you are in you British car, you get an additional free ticket. And wearing your name tag entitles you to another free ticket. So you even get lagniappe when you do more in 2004.

See you at the next event.

Bill Breithoff

April 27 Minutes

Due to technical difficulties, the April minutes were unavailable at press time. They will be published on the web site when available.

Pensacola Beach Bash Results

The 2004 Pensacola Beach Bash show was a wonderful show. The weather was near perfect all weekend long—bright and sunny and no where near as hot as last year, with a nice cooling breeze all day.

Half a dozen cars met at the Plaza Mall on Friday before the show and drove over together. After breakfast at the Waffle House in Kiln, we motored on to Mobile. Several members had been wanting to see some of the sites in Mobile’s historic district for several years, so most of us stopped for a visit. (For some reason, we decided see Mobile on a trip to Pensacola. Go figure!!)

We caught the IMAX showing of “IMAX NASCAR” and “Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure”. Even if you are not a big NASCAR fan, any car person will appreciate the film. It gives the history of NASCAR, with plenty of behind the scenes information. Everyone in the group thought we needed one of the special double-decker 18 wheel trucks that they use to carry the race cars to the track—we could fit maybe 8 LBCs in one of those trailers, with enough tools and parts to build one from scratch!!

The second film was the true story of British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Antarctic expedition. Shackleton’s wooden sailing ship was caught in an ice flow and crushed. The group spent almost 2 years in Antarctica, eventually being rescued after Shackleton and 5 others sailed a lifeboat 300 miles, through a hurricane, to an island with a whaling station. Then Shackleton and his sailing master had to hike across a mountain range and glacier to get to the station because they landed on the wrong side of the island and the crew were too sick to sail any further. The film combines a 2001 re-enactment with the original still photographs and motion picture film footage from the expedition. Believe it or not, every single member of the

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