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BMCNO Gazette June 2004

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Susan and Allen Bradley took home a first place with their MGB, June and Bill Harris also went home with a first place for his MGB-LE, and my Bill took second place in the TR8. The show was located in the Tannehill Ironworks State Park.

Susan Bradley was our designated Tour Guide and she did an excellent job seeking out great restaurants for us to enjoy. The Cypress Inn on the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa, the Bright Star Grill, Bessemer's oldest restaurant, and Crescent City Grill in Hattiesburg on the way home. On Friday we stopped at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance, AL. The tours of the plant have been suspended until the new models are introduced but the Welcome center had many old cars and history to hold your interest. There was even a film showing the production line which was very interesting (at least that's what they tell me.... I took a nap). Definitely worth the stop for any car buff traveling through the area.

On the mechanical front, Bill never got a chance to write anything about our starter trouble. But the starter would not dis-engage. It was weird. Bill let go of the key and it was still cranking. Several people had solutions—Bill Harris even pulled out the starter relay but it wouldn’t stop. The solution was to beat it with a hammer to stop it. So for the rest of the trip, I was placed in the drivers seat long enough to turn the key while Bill stood over the engine with a hammer thing and hit the starter. It worked fine, and we made it home with our new ritual.

The new starter is on order and should be here by the end of the week. After 24 years, I convinced Bill it was time to get a new one instead of rebuilding the old one. Let's see how long this new one lasts!

Hope your day at Avery Island was fun, sorry we had to miss that one. I have been wanting to do that run for a long time. I bet it was a great day. See you soon, Safety fast, Sally Breithoff §

NOTICE TO MGB OWNERS! Our club is affiliated with NAMGBR, the North American MGB Registry. This affiliation provides our liability insurance for events. BMCNO must maintain 8 registered NAMGBR members in our club to be affiliated. If you own (used to own, or would like to own) an MGB, please join NAGMBR, then tell the newsletter editor, Cathy Greensfelder. (She’s the keeper of the membership list.) NAMGBR dues are $25 and the newsletter MG Driver is worth it. Cathy will have

NAMGBR membership applications at the next meeting.

ATTENTION TRIUMPH OWNERS! Our club is a Vintage Triumph Register (VTR) zone. We need 10 VTR members in our club to become an affiliated chapter. There are

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