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    • 16.

      Any access to internet that does not go through an Office of Chief Counsel approved

internet gateway / firewall. Accessing the internet from nonoffice locations using a government owned computer must always be done via the Office of Chief Counsel approved internet gateway — using any other connection (such as a private AOL account) is prohibited.

  • 17.

    Use of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software and networks. P2P refers to any software or system allowing individual users of the Internet, intranet or extranet to connect and share files or resources. Engaging in P2P practices creates a substantial computer security risk in that P2P may facilitate the spread of computer viruses. Specific examples of P2P file sharing include applications such as Morpheus, Napster, Grokster, Kazaa, and Gnutella, as well as decentralized applications such as SETI@Home.

  • 18.

    Inappropriate use of IRS e-mail account(s), such as:

  • a)

    Transmitting files larger than 5 megabytes,

  • b)

    Any correspondence for personal gain (Avon, private commercial business, selling

of personal goods or services, etc),

    • c)

      Solicitation of employees, such as Girl Scout or Boy Scout fund raisers, and

    • d)

      Chain letters or other unauthorized mass mailings regardless of the subject matter;

  • 19.

    Creation, copying, transmission, download, storage, or retransmission of prohibited


  • 20.

    Any use of a photocopier or facsimile machine that involves more than a few pages of material (e.g. copying a book, making numerous copies of a resume, or sending/ receiving a lengthy document via facsimile machines); and

  • 21.

    Any use of photocopiers or facsimile machines that conflict with the need to use the equipment for official business requirements.

The privilege accorded by this policy is limited to the availability of government information technology equipment or resources. It may not conflict with the need to use the equipment for the performance of official duties. Therefore, restrictions may be imposed to address any capacity, security or other operational issues that might arise. Counsel management retains the right to monitor both the content and the level of access of employees’ personal use of government technology resources and equipment. The Office of Chief Counsel has systems in place which monitor internet use at individual workstations and systems that block access to some inappropriate sites.

Employees who access inappropriate sites (including, but not limited to, sexually related sites) or otherwise violate the rules regarding limited personal use will be subject to disciplinary or adverse actions, up to and including removal.

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