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Unauthorized or improper use may also result in loss of use or limitations on the use of the information technology equipment / resources, criminal penalties and/or the employee's being held financially liable for the cost of improper use.


The policy applies to all Chief Counsel Employees, including detailees, temporary employees and interns performing work for the Office of Chief Counsel (hereafter called employees), whether the employee is working in a Government-designated office, traveling, or working from home (typically referred to as “flexiplace”) on behalf of the Office of Chief Counsel. This benefit/privilege is not extended to contractors.


It is the responsibility of employees to ensure that they are not giving the false impression that they are acting in an official capacity when they are using government information technology equipment / resources for non-government purposes. If there is expectation that such a personal use could be interpreted to represent an agency, then an adequate disclaimer must be used. One acceptable disclaimer is — "The content of this message is mine personally and does not reflect the position of the U.S. Government, the Department of the Treasury or the IRS Office of Chief Counsel."

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      Employee non-work time means times when the employee is not otherwise expected to be addressing official business. Employees may, for example, use government information technology equipment / resources during their own off-duty hours such as before or after a workday, lunch periods, or weekends or holidays. For employees using government information technology equipment / resources in a government facility, no expanded access to the building will be provided beyond when the building is normally open for access.

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    Government information technology equipment / resources for the purpose of this policy is limited to personal computers and related peripheral equipment and software, personal digital assistants (such as Blackberries, cell phones, Palm Pilots), facsimile machines, voice mail, photocopiers and connectivity and access to internet services and e-mail. This policy does not cover access to the Office of Chief Counsel/IRS intranet.

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    Minimal additional expense means that employee's limited personal use of government information technology equipment / resources is limited to those situations where the government is already providing equipment or resources and the employee's use of such equipment or services will not result in any additional expense to the government beyond the following:

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    Communications infrastructure costs (e.g., internet access);

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    Use of consumables in limited amounts; e.g., paper, ink, toners;

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