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Nuclear Medicine

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: (Location report to

: First floo , opp. Nuclear Medicine

B ward) for the

appointment in the main building. (First floor opp. B ward)

Pulmonary Function : (Location : ISSCC Seventh floor

lift no.2)

Bronchoprovocation, Allergen skin testing, sputum induc- tion, Rhinomanometry, 6. min walk test.)


Special procedures:- Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy, Pleural Biopsy, Polysomnography and other studies.

- - -

Make payment at payment counter Fix appointment at Pulmonary Function Lab Report to the area where the test is to be done (as per instruction provided)



Pulmonary Function Studies (Spirometry, Lung volumes,


For conducting certain tests like cardiac catheterization angiocardiography, bronchoscopy, arthogram etc., and for collecting samples for certain biopsy tests, the patient has to be admitted. The concerned doctor will give admission slips in such cases.


If the doctor thinks that you need certain medicines, he will give you signed prescription forms. Take them to the Pharmacy payment counters for pricing and payment. These counters function from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The OPD Pharmacy dispensing counter will issue medicines only for the out patients. Prescriptions of inpatients will not be processed at this counter.

If you need an injection take the procedure form given to you by your doctor and proceed to the 24 hour injection room, which is next to the post office, after payment.

If you are claiming reimbursement, remember to have your receipt endorsed by the pharmacist.

Premature and low-weight babies need immediate medical care


It is safe to buy medicines from the hospital pharmacy to ensure quality and authenticity, correct dosage and strength of the drug. The Pharmacist will explain how to take the medication.

IMMUNIZATION FOR CHILDREN (Location : ISSCC No.450) Children may be taken to the Immunization and Well Baby Clinic in the ISSCC straight away for immunization.

After weight and temperature recording, the doctor will examine the child and give a prescription for immunizing your child. There is no need for OP registration for this.

MINOR SURGERY DRESSINGS (location : Main building G-41)

If you require minor surgical procedure or dressings, you will be given a prescription for the same, specifying the charges for the treatment. Pay the amount at the payment counter after which proceed to the O.P.Surgery

dressing building.

room (G-41) in the ground floor of the main

OTHER TREATMENT..................................................

For all other treatment you will be given referral slips which should be taken to the concerned doctors / units. You will be registered and given instructions to follow.


For the convenience of out-patients while they undergo specific time-consuming investigation/procedures, a day care facility has been established at A Block / MTS2, where patients can avail a bed and hospital diet, on payment. This facility will be available only during the period of the actual investigation/procedure done during the day i.e. between 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m the following day. Patients can make a request to the doctor who will make necessary arrangements.

The charge for the day-care facility is Rs.1000/- for semi-private bed occupancy. These charges and the fee

A "Tonic" is not the answer for malnutrition 26

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