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Simon Pure News, September, 2006

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We woke up on Wednesday morning to over a foot of snow on the ground. That storm shut down the town. Most of the restaurants were closed. The Denny’s across the street had a very limited staff, and the wait for breakfast was over an hour. Luckily, I brought down my little tailgate grill with a five pound package of Sahlens hots. As the day became warmer, the roof of the hotel started to leak. The main lobby where we set up tables was very bad. A few of the rooms on the second floor were completely damaged by the water. This hotel looked like it’s ready for the wrecking ball. Anyone who was flying into DC or Baltimore was out of luck as those airports were closed for the day. The only ones who were able to fly in arrived through Richmond. Our good friends Jeff Ingersoll and Brian Haefler left Rochester late Tuesday night and arrived at the hotel around dinnertime on Wednesday. They had many stories about the horrible driving condi- tions. Some of the smarter ones from up north turned around after they hit the problems and came down the next day. The beer taps started to flow on Wednesday afternoon and, as usual, they had 4 different beer taps going at once and ran until Sunday morning.

Thursday, Bob Terrey arrived with his white knuckled passengers, Kerri Winters and Dennis Wiz. Bob Terrey did three 360 degree spinouts on route 81 in PA. Luckily, Bob’s big car only suffered a broken tail light and a creased fender after hitting the guard rail. Thursday and Friday we did a little room to room and a lot of socializing. Friday night is the free pizza night, and keeping up with tradition, we went out for Mexican food. It is very hard fighting the masses for free pizza.

Saturday we left around 12:30 for our drive home. We stopped in Williamsport, PA, for dinner. We visited the Abbey Wright Brewing Co. and Brew Pub and enjoyed a pint of their IPA.

Overall the show was very good, even though there were many collectors missing because of the weather. Our friend Tom Hoffman from Windsor, Ontario, had his flight cancelled. We also missed Dave Van Hine from Frankenmuth, MI, and Helen Johnson from Lima, OH, who both passed away since last years Canvention. Both were noticeably missed.

This year is the 75th anniversary of the beer can and to commemorate this event, a nice Krueger Cream Ale can was given out to all the registered participants.

As usual, I had a number of nice finds at the show. I picked up an excellent framed print from the East Buffalo Brewing Company. I also picked up a small Steins mug from Buffalo. A few nice cans which include a White Horse flat tot from Chicago, Old Georgetown Beer flat, Sunshine flat, Schaefer 1964 Worlds Fair and Oertel’s Real Draft pull tab can. I also picked up a can for my one can one country collection from Mongolia.

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