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WinHSPF 2.0

viewing the root desktop directory, creating a new directory (or folder), and specifying whether to display a standard or detailed list of the directories and files contained in the current directory. The middle box also displays any existing files of the file type specified. The file type specification is made in the list at the bottom of the form (labeled either Save as type or Files of type). The File name text box is used to enter the name of the file. Clicking on a file listed in the middle box will put the name of the file in the File name box. A file is selected either by double clicking a file name in the middle box or by filling in the File name box and clicking the Save button or the Open button. Selecting an existing file during a save will cause a prompt to be displayed confirming that it is all right to overwrite the file.  

Help System

There are various levels of Help within WinHSPF and they may be accessed in different ways. The Help menu title on the main WinHSPF form has two menu items: About and Contents. The About item is used to display a summary of the version of WinHSPF being run. The Contents item is used to bring up a window that allows the user to move throughout the entire WinHSPF help file. The user may move through the help file by using the hierarchical structure or the index of help topics.

Context-sensitive access to the WinHSPF help file is provided through the F1 key. Pressing the F1 key from any form will display the relevant topic in the help file.

An additional level of help that pertains to HSPF is also available.  This help information is available when editing a table of the HSPF UCI file.  Help will be displayed that pertains to the model parameter being edited.


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