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WinHSPF 2.0

The user should select the File menu and then choose the Create option. At this point the window entitled WinHSPF - Create Project will appear.

If coming from BASINS the user is immediately taken to the WinHSPF - Create Project window.

The Create Project window contains Select buttons for three types of files, a list for selecting a met station, and a set of radio buttons for choosing between two land surface segmentation options.  The first type of file available for selection is the BASINS Watershed File. When coming from BASINS, the text box next to this name will already be filled in with the name of the ‘.wsd’ file for the current BASINS project.  The second type of files that can be selected are the Met WDM Files.  Up to 3 met WDM files can be selected.  These files generally reside in the ‘met_data’ folder, but actually any other WDM file could be referenced as a met WDM file.  The third type of file is the Project WDM File.  This file will contain the point source inputs to the model as well as any output time series from the HSPF simulation.

If the box next to BASINS Watershed File does not contain a file name, select tutorial.wsd from the ‘tutorial’ subdirectory.  To do this, click the Select button next to the BASINS Watershed File text, and in the following file dialog, select the ‘tutorial.wsd’ file.  Click the Open button, and the name of this file will appear in the BASINS Watershed File box in the Create Project window.

Next, select tutorial.wdm from the ‘met_data’ subdirectory as the Met WDM File.  The file name will now appear in the box next to Met WDM Files.  Then select project.wdm from the ‘modelout’ subdirectory as the Project WDM File.  If this file does not already exist, type the name in the file name box and it will be created .

Once one or more met WDM files are specified, the Initial Met Station list will be populated with the identifier corresponding to met stations available for use in the new HSPF project.  One item from this list should be selected in order to have some met data included in the HSPF simulation.  (After the new


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