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WinHSPF 2.0

Another way to specify output timeseries is through editing the External Targets block.  This functionality is accessed either by choosing the Edit:EXT TARGETS menu option or by choosing EXT TARGETS in the Input Data Editor.  Click on the Edit menu, then select the EXT TARGETS option.

The Edit External Targets window contains a grid showing all External Targets entries. Each row contains the specifications for one output time series; each column of the grid represents a distinct specification.  The gray text box in the middle of the form provides a description of the currently selected specification.  To add a new entry, click on the Add button.  A new record will appear in the list.  Double click in the left-most column of the bottom row, and choose ‘Perlnd’.  Double click in the next column, and choose ‘101’.  Proceed through the rest of the fields, adding values as shown in the image below.  For this example, be sure to use a data set number that does not already exist in your WDM file.

Once you have added values for each field, click the Apply button.  The Add Data Set window will appear, which indicates that the data set number you have selected does not yet exist.  The user may edit attribute values for this new data set if desired.  Click the OK button to accept the values for this new data


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