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Purpose of Report

This manual assists both end users and system administrators with the interactive computer program WinHSPF.  Following the introduction is a chapter entitled User’s Guide.  This chapter contains four sections.  The first section is entitled User Interface. It provides guidance for navigating the graphical user interface.  The next section includes an Overview of WinHSPF from a systems perspective.  Included is information relating to the system hardware and software requirements, system architecture, and sample data provided.  Following that section is a series of Tutorials designed to familiarize a user with getting around within WinHSPF.  The last section of the User’s Guide, Detailed Functions, provides more specifics about individual functions of modules of WinHSPF.  This manual concludes with a list of references and an appendix containing descriptions of the four types of BASINS files used by WinHSPF.


Use of the Hydrological Simulation Program-Fortran (HSPF) watershed model (Bicknell and others, 1997) traditionally involved using a text editor to build an input sequence to describe a watershed’s physical and water management characteristics. For large, complex river basins, input sequences were often thousands of lines long when water quality was simulated in addition to the hydrology. The processes of building a new input sequence and making changes to an existing one were time consuming and complex. In addition, the physical abstraction of a watershed was not at all apparent from looking at the input sequence.  It was difficult for a user to understand how the model representation of a watershed related to the watershed in the real world.

The development of WinHSPF came as a response to the need to make HSPF input sequences easier to build and modify. WinHSPF provides advanced interaction with the HSPF input sequence and graphical illustration of the model representation.  WinHSPF was created for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s BASINS system, although any HSPF user would benefit from its advanced input sequence modification functionality.

Capabilities and Uses

WinHSPF provides an interactive interface to HSPF in a Windows environment.  WinHSPF may be used for creating a new HSPF input sequence or for modifying an existing HSPF input sequence.  The program HSPF may be run from within WinHSPF.  Input Sequences may be modified and saved under another name, thus creating simulation scenarios.  WinHSPF also assists the user in building the necessary data sets and making the necessary modifications to the input sequence for hydrologic calibration using the United States Geological Survey’s Expert System for the Calibration of HSPF (HSPEXP).


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