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User's Guide

Detailed Functions

Main WinHSPF Window

The main window of WinHSPF contains a menu, a tool bar, a vertical tab strip, a schematic of the watershed, and an auxiliary table.  The tab strip, watershed schematic, and auxiliary table are not active until a project is active (i.e. a UCI file is opened).  The information on the tab strip as well as the auxiliary table pertain to the open project, that is the project represented by the watershed schematic.

The buttons on the tool bar represent various ways of interacting with the open project. The left most buttons can be used for creating, opening, and saving a project.  The right most button on the tool bar is used to perform the simulation, i.e. run HSPF.  The other buttons on the tool bar are used to view and/or modify the contents of various portions of the open project.

The tab strip contains three tabs.  The tabs work in conjunction with the figures in the watershed schematic to display information about the project in the auxiliary table. The tabs are used to specify whether to display information related to land surfaces, met segments, or point sources.  Highlighting some items in the tab strip in conjunction with highlighting some figures in the watershed schematic results in some related data being summarized in the auxiliary table.  For example, from the Land Surface tab, click on the ‘Forest Land’ surface and the ‘Rchres 1’ figure.  The auxiliary table will show the acres of Forested area contributing to Rchres 1.


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