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WinHSPF 2.0

Edit Operation

The Edit Operation window provides a powerful interface to an HSPF operation.  There are two ways to produce this window.  One is to select the OPN SEQUENCE option from the Edit menu, which displays the Edit Opn Sequence Block window.  Select the desired operation from the Name column then click on the Edit button.

The other way to produce the Edit Operation window is to double-click on a figure in the watershed schematic or on an item on the Land Surface tab of the main form.  If the model segmentation is ‘Individual’, the individual land segments can be accessed by selecting OPN SEQUENCE from the Edit menu.

The Edit Operation window contains a tab strip, a frame containing a row of check boxes, and a series of command buttons.  All of the information in the Edit Operation window pertains to the current operation, which is referenced in the window name. The tab strip contains tabs for tables, special actions, input timeseries, and output timeseries.  Active sections are turned on or off for this operation through use of the row of check boxes.  Each of the active sections corresponds to a module within the HSPF model.  The user may incorporate these modules into the simulation run by checking the box next to the appropriate section.

If a RCHRES operation is selected, the Edit Operation window will appear as follows:


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