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User's Guide

Output Manager

The Output Manager is accessed either by choosing the Functions:Output menu option or by clicking the icon on the toolbar. The Output Manager window will appear containing a set of radio buttons and a list of output locations.  The radio buttons are used to specify which of the three types of output to view.  Clicking on one of the radio buttons produces a list of locations where that output has been specified.

The first output type is Hydrology Calibration.  This button will already be selected when entering the Output Manager.  With this button selected, the list below the radio buttons displays the HSPF calibration locations within the current HSPF project.  Underneath the radio buttons is a text box explaining which output timeseries will be generated during the HSPF model run.

Adding calibration locations to this list is accomplished by clicking on the Add button. Clicking on this button produces another window.  This window contains a list of available calibration locations, i.e. the reaches of the watershed, along with two text fields.  The user must choose one of the calibration locations, then enter an eight character identifier for that location.  This identifier is used as the location id attribute on the WDM time-series data sets that will be created.  The user is also asked to enter a base data set number for the data sets to be created.  The new data sets will be numbered as the available data sets following that number.


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