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and near the principal highway linking the capital with San Pedro Sula and the North

Coast region of the country. The three groups are smaller than Villa Santa and

Guadalupe because their membership is generally limited to residents of one village as

opposed to several villages. The Cooperative of San José de Protección has 34 members,

Quebrada Honda has 38, and Chaguite Grande has 31. Protección and Chaguite Grande

founded their cooperatives in 1974, and Quebrada Honda was founded in 1978.

San José de Protección is the oldest of the three communities. It was founded in

the 1860s as a stop along the old route between Tegucigalpa and the North Coast.

Quebrada Honda was founded a few decades later, and Chaguite Grande was founded in

1940. The original inhabitants of Quebrada Honda and Chaguite Grande migrated from

San José de Protección, so the three communities are closely linked by proximity and

kinship. The cooperatives work on communal forest land instead of national forest.

These communities received títulos ejidales (communal titles) to their land at the

beginning of the twentieth century from presidential decrees granting them the land. As a

result, these communities have never doubted the validity of their claim that the forest

was theirs. Protección has an area of 1,453 hectares, Quebrada Honda has 1,202 ha, and

Chaguite Grande has 1,142 ha.

All three groups have experience with management plans, logging, and firewood

collection in addition to resin tapping. Quebrada Honda and Chaguite Grande have had

extensive experience working with international development projects, while Protección

has remained almost entirely independent of outside assistance.


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