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Cooperativa Guadalupe began logging in 1998 after AFOCO developed

management and operational plans for the cooperative. In their first year, they did not

harvest the 1000 cubic meters specified in the operational plan, but AFE/COHDEFOR

allowed them to transfer the volume to the following year. In fact, the cooperative was

still not harvesting the current year’s operational plan in 2002 due to numerous work

stoppages. Work stoppages were the result of equipment repairs, bad weather, waiting

for AFE/COHDEFOR, and insufficient funds to pay fees or taxes. The efficiency of the

logging operation has improved markedly in the years since they first started. All

earnings from logging went to pay loans incurred in building a sawmill and buying a

truck for hauling logs and lumber. From 2000 to 2002, the cooperative harvested large

quantities of wood from containment belts utilized to control gorgojo outbreaks. Some

deforested areas are being planted with seedlings, and others are being managed for

natural regeneration. The management and operational plans had to be totally rewritten

after the gorgojo losses. The logging operation of the cooperative is now inactive,

awaiting permission from AFE/COHDEFOR to operate.

Protección obtained its first management and operational plans in 1995. The

plans were paid for using a loan obtained from FEHCAFOR. They harvested 6600 cubic

meters between 1995 and 2000. No one could explain how the group was able to get

permission to harvest more than the 1000 cubic meter annual harvest limit. The

management plan specified a selective harvest system which removed mostly older trees

past their productive peak. The cooperative was satisfied with the results of the first

management plan except for the low prices paid to them by the local sawmill.

“COHDEFOR told us we had to sell to the mill in Flores. We signed a contract with


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