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Many different individuals have been influential throughout the course of this study. I would like to thank Ronald Gratz, Chandrashekhar Joshi, and James Pickens, who as members of my committee showed incredible patience and flexibility during my four years in Honduras and the brief time I spent at Michigan Tech writing and defending my paper. I especially want to thank my committee chair, Blair Orr, whose support and hard work given while I was abroad and back at Tech were second to none. Extras like a wedding gift sent to Honduras and revising this entire paper numerous times in the space of a month were greatly appreciated.

I want to thank my APCD from Peace Corps Honduras, Jorge Betancourt. Your support and friendship have been unwavering during and after my service. It was an honor to have worked under someone so dedicated to Honduras and its people. I also want to thank Peace Corps Honduras staff members Ronald Ruybal, Jutta Bayer, and Maggie Zelaya for their support during a difficult time during my third year of service.

It would be impossible to list all the Hondurans that deserve recognition for their help or friendship during my Peace Corps service. I thank every person who ever invited me into their home, allowed me to work alongside them, or shared a conversation with me. Your warmth and generosity are what made Honduras my second home. I want to specifically thank several people. From the villages of Laínez, Chaguite Oriente, and Los Tablones, I thank Reynaldo Solórzano, Jr., Andrés Solórzano and family, Jorge Nolasco, Donaldo Nolasco, Pedro Palma, and Santos Sierra. From Proyecto AFOCO, I thank Francisco Borjas and Rolando Ordoñez. From the FEHCAFOR/EMCAH team, I thank Sarah Lagos, Andrés Solórzano, Javier Chrinos, Henry Ferrufino, Roberto Hernandez, and Victoria Flores. I am also grateful to all those from the cooperatives and communities included in this study who contributed information in any way.

I thank John Gehring from Benzie Central High School who always encouraged my questions and who remains the best teacher I have ever known. I also thank J. Dan Skean from Albion College who has been a friend and mentor. He also recommended that I attend the Blair’s presentation on the Master’s International Program. It does keep getting better. I would like to thank the many PCVs who made Honduras an unforgettable experience. These include; Luke Dunnington, Gavin Green, Juan Cristiani, Mark Moreira, Hamilton Hodgeman, Hung Pham, Mark Ellis, Nora Peña, Leila Middlefort, Heather Jameson, Mike Carbone, Luke Roberts, Bernard Frankl, and anyone else who ever shared a bus or a beer with me. You know who you are. I would specifically like to thank Susan Stolpe and Daniel P. Neely for being my Yuscarán support group. Thank you all.

I would like to thank my wife Carolina for her love and support. Seeing you in Honduras after finishing made everything worth it. Te quiero vos. Lastly, I thank Derryl and Christine, the best parents I could have asked for. Your love and sacrifices have made me who I am. I am forever grateful.


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