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Protección’s rejection of MAFOR’s assistance provides an excellent example of

capable decision-making. The cooperative probably saved itself from problems by

rejecting MAFOR. This lesson is important for cooperatives. Offers of assistance should

be discussed carefully with the entire cooperative present. If parts of a project or

proposal are not acceptable, do not accept them. Ask the agency promoting the project if

changes can be made as a condition for participation. If the project is not willing to

change, then it may not be a good idea to work with that agnecy.

Pine Bark Beetle

The gorgojo outbreaks were a crisis that could not be predicted nor easily

prevented. The substantial loss within the healthy forest in Villa Santa and Guadalupe

will have long-term effects on those cooperatives. At the very least, their forest area will

probably diminish due to invasion by farmers on the now-cleared land. The cooperatives

will most certainly survive, but serious changes will affect many members. In Villa

Santa’s case, the cooperative will almost certainly decrease in size because of the loss of

resin plots for so many members.

Resin Tapping

Resin tapping is most definitely a patrimonio of the study cooperatives. Most

resineros are now second or third generation members of the cooperatives. Silviculture

systems, deteriorating plot conditions, and bad market conditions are threats to the long-

term sustainability of resin tapping in these cooperatives. There should be serious

negotiations with AFE/COHDEFOR to make concessions on management plan standards


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