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  • D.

    Benefits for Members and the Community

      • 1.

        Members--jobs and income, credit (What are the interests and payments?), emergency help (deaths, sicknesses), training, experience

      • 2.

        Community--forest and watershed conservation, road and infrastructure improvement, participation and support for community projects and institutions

  • E.

    Assets and Resources of the Cooperative

      • 1.

        Land, buildings, businesses, equipment, tools, vehicles

      • 2.

        History and utilization of assets

  • F.

    Forest Land Tenure--National, communal, private, combinations

      • 1.

        Do they have a usufruct contract?--year signed, duration, contract area

      • 2.

        Contracts or agreements with property owners

      • 3.

        Does the cooperative or its members possess title(s) to the land?--area of titled land, year granted

      • 4.

        Agricultural land--titled or non-formal ownership (squatting)

      • 5.

        Control of the access and use of the forest by the cooperative-what activities are practiced in the forest, including non-forestry activities? Does the cooperative have problem with outsiders conducting illegal activities in their forest?

  • G.

    Outside Afiliations--FEHCAFOR, CHC, EMCAH, CICAFOC, others

      • 1.

        Membership costs and dues

      • 2.

        Membership benefits, history of coop with each group

  • H.

    International Aid Projects--Has the cooperative worked with any projects?, Which project did they work with and what support and training did the project offer? duration of project involvement, project personnel

    • I.

      Management Plan

      • 1.

        How many plans has the cooperative had? How did they pay for them and how much did they cost? Who wrote the plan, and what area does it cover? year signed and duration, silvicultural system and activities, permitted annual harvest

      • 2.

        Annual operational plans--How many years have they been used? How much did they cost and who wrote them? Were the plans carried out, and what volumes were harvested?

      • 3.

        Quality of forest--diameters, density, volumes, growth

      • 4.

        Does the community support the management plan and logging activities?

  • J.

    Logging Operation

      • 1.

        Logistics--felling, skidding, transportation, number of workers

      • 2.

        Costs--fellers, skidding, checkers, other workers, payments to parcel owner, transportation, payments to COHDEFOR, Municipality, or Patronato

      • 3.

        Commercialization and markets--buyers, prices, agreements, good or bad experiences

  • K.

    Sawmills and Secondary Transformation--small-scale hand-sawing, mechanical sawmills, palilleras, carpentry and other secondary transformation

      • 1.

        Equipment and layout (including diagram)--how many workers?, 84

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