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MCRP 3-02E Terrorism

The Individual's Guide for Understanding and Surviving

1 general population as nothing more than common criminals. Older expatriate South Moluccans 2 (from what has been part of Indonesia since World War II) have been agitating for years to return 3 to an independent island republic. The young South Moluccans activists have never seen the 4 islands, but they have a good degree of support from the older South Moluccans.

5 What nationality of intended victims do terrorists prefer? If you are the same nationality, it 6 indicates that you must be more careful than ever.

7 What is the present terrorist activity level? Are the terrorist groups operating in the area active, 8 or are they in an organizing or reorganizing posture? What is the potential for violence? Some 9 groups are more violent than others; e.g., the Japanese Red Army (JRA). These terrorists are 10 extremely violent. In a killing orgy in Japan, they killed 14 of their own members for not 11 conducting themselves as true revolutionaries. Israel's Lod Airport massacre of 1972 was another 12 act committed by the JRA. They killed 26 people and wounded 76 by submachine fire and 13 grenades. Their mission was to kill Jews but the majority of those killed were Puerto Ricans on a 14 pilgrim tour of the Holy Land. Only two of the victims were Jews. The three JRA terrorists had 15 made a death pact that they would not come out of the operation alive. All three died.

16 Be aware of methods of operation. Generally, when a terrorist group is successful with a certain 17 method of operation, they reuse it, or it will be used by other terrorist groups. Pushing a baby 18 carriage in front of a moving car to get it to stop, or loading a vehicle with explosives and driving 19 it into a building are commonly used methods of operation.

20 High Visibility

21 Anyone who is highly visible is a high-risk victim. Victims can be targeted due to being:



23 24

In a high military position. General Haig, while Commander of NATO forces in Europe, was selected as a terrorist target because he represented U.S. military presence in Europe.

25 26

A victim by association; e.g., being with a person who has previously been selected as a target when the attack occurs.

27 28

A target of opportunity. You present yourself as a target, and terrorists capitalize on the opportunity.


A political figure.


A high-ranking officer, especially of general grade.


A very important person (VIP). The most important, the higher the risk.


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