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MCRP 3-02E Terrorism

The Individual's Guide for Understanding and Surviving

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U.S. Government Bus Stops. In overseas countries that have U.S. Government bus stops, it is easy to figure out who uses them - Americans. Do not stand for long periods at the bus stop. When you see the bus approaching, walk to it and then board. Do not wait around in a large group.

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Currency. Use local currency. Do not flash it around. Anyone using U.S. currency can help a terrorist identify him as an American, in addition to making himself a good target for hard - working thieves.

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Employing Chauffeurs. If you are important, you may feel you need a chauffeur. So naturally, people think anybody who has a chauffeur must be important. Do your own driving. If you must have a chauffeur, use him until you get familiar with the area and


routes, and then decline his services.


8 Identification Based on Beliefs of Importance

9 Many people, including terrorists, equate certain ways of lifestyles with prominence. Even if this 10 is not true, it does not matter. It is what many believe. Examples are --

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Politicians. Politicians are in the public eye and therefore project an appearance of importance. When signing something, they do not sign as Billy Smith, but Senator Billy Smith. A wife identifies herself not as Mrs. Billy Smith, but as Mrs. Senator Billy Smith. Politicians and other well-known personalities should avoid using their rank, title, or position when introducing themselves or when signing their name.

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VIPs. VIPs usually get the red carpet treatment everywhere they go. In many countries, Americans are treated by the host government as VIPs out of respect or gratefulness. Whenever possible, you should discourage the red carpet treatment and maintain a low profile.

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Expensive Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs). Many people think anyone who drives an expensive POV has to be important. If you're important, you would not be driving a Toyota, Datsun, or a Volkswagen. Avoid using expensive POVs even if you can afford one. Use the type of vehicle that is common in that country.

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Using Staff Cars. People think that anyone driving around in a staff car from the Embassy must be important. Limit their use.

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Employing Bodyguards. The more important you are, the more bodyguards you may feel you need. If you do not need them, do not use them. If you must have them, keep them to a minimum and insure they blend in with other personnel around you. They should not be obvious.

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