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Riding in the Rear Seat. Naturally, if you have a chauffeur, you may think you cannot sit up front with the driver, so you are going to sit in the back seat. Where? Left Side? The middle? No, the right side because it's reserved for VIPs. Don't' sit there. Rotate your seating position often.

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Briefcases. People think anyone carrying a briefcase must be important. Avoid carrying one.

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License Plate Number or Decal. The more important an individual, the lower the number. Commanding generals rate a 1. So don't have any license number or decal that will identify your rank, position, or title, or that your are an American.

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Diplomatic Plates/Decals. Any vehicle with diplomatic plates/decals makes someone think that somebody important is using it. Decline an offer of its use.

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Diplomatic/Official Passports. Anyone observed using one of these will certainly be considered to be of important status. Use your tourist passport whenever possible. If you must travel with a diplomatic passport, leave it and your I.D. card in you carry-on luggage.

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Reserved Parking. Important people warrant their own parking spots. They are usually very close to offices. Do not have any designated space for yourself. Park any place and rotate your parking area. A little walking to get to your place of employment is not going to kill you, while parking in the same spot every day might.

MCRP 3-02E Terrorism

The Individual's Guide for Understanding and Surviving

19 Identification by Name

20 Once a terrorist has your name, he can get endless information on your home, your job, and your 21 family. Your name can be found by the following means:

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Aircraft Loading Manifests. If a copy of the manifest is obtained from the aircrew, sending unit, receiving unit, departing or landing air facilities, it will provide the terrorists with a good choice of targets. Maintain tight control of it from your end.

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Bill of Lading. A list of names can also be obtained from this source. It is easy to check with household goods, hold baggage, or POV shipment personnel. Security managers must make sure that theses documents are properly controlled and disposed of by conducting liaison with U.S. and host government agencies and with civilian contractors.

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Immigration Records. Either on the departure end or destination end, records can be used to obtain names of personnel. Security managers must also make sure that these documents are properly controlled and disposed of by conducting liaison with U.S. and host government agencies and with civilian contractors.

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Unit Rosters. Unit rosters are an excellent source for names and additional information. Getting them is easy for just about anyone. Varying from unit to unit, they can provide the


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