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MCRP 3-02E Terrorism

The Individual's Guide for Understanding and Surviving


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4 Vehicle Bomb Search

5 Today's terrorists are usually members of a well-financed organization, fighting for a political 6 cause and able to employ simple or sophisticated weapons to further their cause. Eighty percent 7 of all their attacks take place in or around a vehicle. In 67% of those attacks their weapon is a 8 bomb. Procedures and tips for conducting vehicle bomb searches can be found in appendix A.

9 Travel

10 Establish a number of alternate routes from each starting place to each destination. Make sure at 11 least one person you work with and your family are aware of these routes and the approximate 12 time it takes to travel them. Keep travel arrangements confidential. Maintain a low profile. Get 13 in the habit of checking in before you depart and after you reach your destination. Report any 14 unexpected changes. Get a detailed briefing from your S-2 on the cities you plan to visit including 15 the threat, best routes, safe havens, areas to avoid, and anything else pertaining to your mission 16 and safety.

17 Know how to ask for help in the local language, as well as know to use public phones. Carry 18 change (in the local currency) at all times. Learn the names and phone numbers of persons to 19 contact at your destination. Embassy Marine security guards are a good source of information 20 and assistance.

21 If driving --

22 Avoid traveling alone and during late hours. Try to travel only on busy, well-traveled 23 thoroughfares. Stay away from isolated back country roads. Know where the dangerous areas in 24 the city are and avoid them.

25 Know en route safe havens such as police and fire stations, military posts, and checkpoints you 26 can drive to if you fell you are being followed.

27 Avoid carrying classified material. If driving, lock materials in the trunk.

28 If you drive to and from work, use different routes. Vary departure and arrival times. If possible, 29 use different entrances and exits. Dress to blend in with the locals. Don't wear your uniform! A 30 sport shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes are fine in the States, but you stand out if everyone else is 31 wearing dress slacks and leather shoes.

32 If Walking --


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