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MCRP 3-02E Terrorism

The Individual's Guide for Understanding and Surviving

1 Train yourself to walk facing traffic at all times. When attacking from a moving vehicle, terrorists 2 like to approach from the rear. This is hard to do when you have put the oncoming traffic 3 between yourself and them. If they try to assault you from the front as you walk facing traffic, 4 you will be able to see them and their weapons. If you are alert, you'll have time to react. When 5 walking on the sidewalk, do not walk near the street side since someone could push you out into 6 the street to be run over by his buddy. Walk along the building edge of the sidewalk. Be careful 7 when walking across alley entrances or other places where a terrorist could be hiding. If you have 8 any doubts about walking in or through an area, turn around and find another route.

9 Walk only in lighted areas. Avoid walking in noisy areas, such as construction site. If you are 10 attacked, it will be hard to hear your cry for help.

11 Stay near people. Don't walk in isolated areas, like alleys.

12 Avoid hostile crowds by turning back or crossing the street. It could be a terrorist setup.

13 Stay out of bad sections of town.

14 If Flying --

15 The less time at the airport, the better! Choose flights that will route you through an airport with 16 a history of good security measures. Bypass countries, airports, or airlines which are currently 17 targets of international and transnational terrorist organizations. Find out about airport screening 18 procedures. Ask your airline if they use security personnel aboard the aircraft. Some American 19 airlines train their personnel to profile potential hijackers and to deal with them if hijacked. Some 20 foreign airlines do not take these precautions.

21 Buy your ticket at a travel agency that offers you seat selection and gives you a boarding pass 22 when you buy your ticket. (You won't have to stand in line at the airport's ticket counter where 23 you would make a good target.) Buy your ticket at the last possible moment to prevent 24 unauthorized personnel from finding out about your travel plans. If curb service is available, 25 check your baggage at the curb service booth and proceed to the gate. Stay alert! Keep your 26 eyes open for any suspicious activity such as an individual who gets up and leaves behind bags, 27 packages, etc. If you see something suspicious, get out quickly! You are better off appearing 28 stupid and paranoid than being dead. You can always take another flight. If you are going to 29 have a couple of hours' layover, do not stay at the airport.

30 Once aboard, sit in the gray area; i.e., window seats somewhere in the middle and towards the 31 rear of the aircraft, but not in the last five rows. Avoid seats in first class, too. In first class, you 32 make a good target since you will be considered affluent. If the terrorists take control of the 33 aircraft, the front and rear will be the two key areas where they will position themselves. Most 34 likely the command post will be close to the cockpit. If you are not seated next to an emergency 35 exit, count the number of seats to the closest emergency exit so that you will be able to find your 36 way out in case the lights go out or if the compartment fills with smoke. Experience has shown


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