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Install the Transmitter Batteries

Battery icon

Remove the battery compartment cover from the back of the transmitter. Install four AA batteries according to the “+” and “–” polarity markings imprinted into the battery compartment. Replace the cover.

Turn on the power/charge switch on the transmitter and observe the battery icon in the status display. When the battery icon is blinking, the batteries are too low and should be replaced. Four squares inside the battery icon indicate that the batteries are at full power.

Flying mode

Also note the flying mode in the status display and make sure your transmitter is configured in the desired mode.

Charge the LiPo Helicopter Battery

The LiPo (lithium polymer) helicopter battery usually takes approximately one hour to charge. This may seem like a long time, but due to the powerful chemistry of LiPo batteries they must be handled with great care and cannot be charged too quickly. The maximum charge rate of a LiPo battery is 1C, or one times capacity. Since the capacity of your LiPo helicopter battery is 120mA (120 mili Amperes), and the charging system in the transmitter charges the helicopter battery at approximately 130mAh (130 mili Apmeres per hour), this works out to one hour for charging time. Even the most powerful LiPo batteries in super-expensive radio controlled models cannot be charged faster than 1C without possibly causing damage. Actual charging times for your battery will depend on how much the LiPo battery was discharged from flying and the condition of the four AA batteries in the transmitter. Please note: Your LiPo battery arrives in a protective case. Always store and carry your LiPo battery in this protective case.

CAUTION: LiPo batteries must ALWAYS be handled with extreme caution. Never place the LiPo helicopter battery in your pocket or in your tool box where the contact tabs could inadvertently be connected to each other via. coins, keys, tools or any other metallic objects. If anything metallic happens to complete the circuit across the contact tabs—even if just for a fraction of a second—the batteries will likely be damaged and could become hot enough to burn or even cause a fire.

With the transmitter on, remove the battery charge port cover and fully install the rechargeable LiPo helicopter battery—note that the exposed contact tabs face toward the front of the transmitter. Make certain the green charge indicator light is glowing, indicating that the battery is being charged. Note: The power/charge switch must be “on” to charge the batteries.

Monitor the charge indicator light. Note when it goes out, indicating that charging is complete. Remove the battery. If not flying immediately, turn off the transmitter and set the battery aside, noting all battery precautions written in the front of this instruction manual.


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