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Confirm the Operational Mode of the Transmitter

The transmitter included with your Proto Max may be configured so the control sticks operate the helicopter in two different “Modes.” Your transmitter is already configured in Mode 2, which is the way nearly everybody in the United States flies their helicopters and airplanes. In Mode 2, the left control stick operates the throttle (or rotor speed for helicopters) and yaw direction. The right control stick operates pitch (forward and backward) and roll (right and left banking). When you graduate to larger airplanes and helicopters, you will find that they will also control the same way.

In Mode 2, moving the throttle/yaw control stick to the left and right controls the helicopter’s yaw direction.

Moving the throttle/yaw control stick forward and back controls the helicopter’s rotor blade speed which makes the helicopter climb or descend.

Moving the pitch/roll control stick to the left and right controls the helicopter’s roll.

Moving the pitch/roll control stick forward and back controls the helicopter’s pitch.

Reconfigure the Mode of the Transmitter

Unless you are flying in a country where Mode 1 is prevalent, there is no reason to change the mode. If you have decided to operate your helicopter in Mode 1, perform the following procedure to reconfigure the transmitter.

Use a #1 Phillips screwdriver to loosen the antenna mounting screws.

Rotate the antenna upward until it is vertical.

Rotate the antenna 180°, allowing it to be folded down the other way.

Fold the antenna back down into the other side. Tighten the mounting screws.

Now your transmitter has been reconfigured to operate in Mode 1 and you will be holding the transmitter 180° (seemingly upside down) from when it was set up in Mode 2. The control sticks will operate the helicopter accordingly. The rest of the instructions illustrate the transmitter configured in Mode 2.


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