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Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services


Specific Activities


Engineering Services

Reviewing, commenting, and advising on design plans, specifications, and products for field and center devices.

Preparing, reviewing, and commenting on design and construction bid documents.

Assisting in the preparation of RFPs and RFIs for system development and expansion.

Evaluating contractor performance and on-site inspections of transportation management and communications devices and components.

Assisting in the development of policies and institutional agreements in support of agency operational goals and objectives

Developing response plans and procedures for managing traffic during incidents, weather emergencies, man-made disasters, etc.

Outsourcing Models

A number of approaches or models have been used for outsourcing TMC services or functions, including the following types.

Complete Outsourcing

Complete outsourcing occurs when responsibility for performing an entire function or service is transferred to another group, agency, or private contractor.  Under this model, the contractor is responsible for hiring, firing, and training operations personnel; making and executing command and control decision on traffic management devices; deploying agency resources; etc.  In this structure the agency retains administrative and oversight responsibilities, but gives up supervision and control of the day-to-day operations of traffic management functions.   This model for outsourcing is most appropriate when responsibility for performing a service or function can be easily segregated or isolated from other TMC functions (e.g., isolated 511 services from transportation management functions).  This approach is often used to meet special legislative mandates, legal requirements, or policy initiatives, or to satisfy a particular requirement where a combination of workload and staff size prevents in-house staff from meeting the prescribed delivery schedule.  This approach can also be used to perform tasks that are highly complex or require a high degree of specialization such as designing and implementing communications architecture.

Partial or Blended Outsourcing

In partial or blended outsourcing, both in-house and outsource personnel share the responsibility of performing a function or service.  This type of model is often used in TMC to augment existing in-house personnel because of limitation on adding new staff.  This type of outsourcing is also used when new or innovative technologies and functions need to be integrated with existing and legacy systems.  

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