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Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

Evaluation of Current TMC Services

This section discusses methodologies for agencies to evaluate their current and future TMC services, particularly if TMC services are not performing to expected capability.  Reasons for underperformance may be internal (i.e., staffing, training, etc.) or external (i.e., funding, policy changes, etc.) to the TMC.  This section also discusses how future services (i.e., services that are not in operation yet at the TMC) should be evaluated with respect to decisions regarding outsourcing.

Typical TMC services include:

Traffic monitoring;

ITS field device control;

Maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting;

Information dissemination;

Data analysis;

Personnel management;

Interaction with the public and media;

Procedural and equipment upgrade recommendations and implementation;

Coordination with other incident responders; and

Coordination with other public entities such as other transportation agencies, law enforcement, and fire-rescue departments.

These services may exist partially or completely, depending on the makeup and maturity of the TMC and its relationship with other incident responders.  

This evaluation should be used to compare how components of the operation are performing with their designed capability requirements.  It can also support why existing operations function as they do and identify which areas of expertise are lacking that need to be addressed.  The evaluation tools may also consider how TMC services may change, grow, or contract over time in response to operational requirements, support of other facilities, special events/emergencies, etc.  

Various tools are in place to determine the adequacy and sufficiency of TMC structure and operations.  They look at TMC administrative structure, numbers and definitions of staff, skillsets and opportunities for job sharing, work requirements and schedules, and other elements

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