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Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

Table 5. Management Center Functions



Daily TMC Operations

Examples:  freeway management, arterial management, incident management, dispatch

Hardware / IT Support

Examples:  network, computer, server maintenance

Software Development and Maintenance

Examples:  freeway management software, traffic signal system software

Field Hardware Maintenance

Examples:  fiber network maintenance, DMS maintenance, detector installation and maintenance, utility installation

Traveler Information

Examples:  511 operation, traveler website operation

Motorist Assistance

Examples:  courtesy patrol, motorist assistance patrol, wrecker service

Public Information Dissemination

Examples:  briefings to media, press releases

A TMC may perform freeway traffic management, traveler information, and public information functions.  There may be a different agency staff member managing each of these functions.  And for example, the daily operations for the freeway traffic management may be contracted out to a private sector firm.  Those contracted staff may report to the TMC manager at the primary agency.  However, the public information officer may also need to interact with the contracted staff on a daily basis to obtain accurate traffic information to develop press releases and brief the media.  Understanding these staffing relationships will assist in determining the best management structure.

Each management structure impacts the primary agency and the firm/agency providing the services differently.  In addition to examining the functions being provided in the TMC, there are other staffing and resource considerations.  In developing a management structure to meet organizational goals and needs, consideration should be given to the following:

staffing requirements,

facility accommodations,

equipment requirements,

infrastructure requirements, and

cost impacts.

The management structure refers to both the staff at the primary agency that manages the overall contracted services as well as the supervision provided for the different hierarchical staffing levels.  An example of staffing hierarchy that might exist in a TMC is shown in Figure 3.

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