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Draft Report

Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

Minimum education levels – Consideration should be given to any minimum requirements for education level (i.e., is a college degree, high school diploma, or GED required?).

Training – Consideration should be given to training for the contracted staff.  Training is important to continued skill improvement and staff retention.  The responsibility for training must be identified and how time off to conduct training will be handled.

Accommodations and Equipment

TMC services need varying office space, equipment, and access to vehicles.  Planning for the management of contract services includes consideration of how to incorporate contracted staff within the TMC.  Public agencies may provide different levels of support in terms of office space, computing equipment, phone access, storage space, and internet access.

Typically the TMC’s operations room will be equipped with consoles or workstations that can accommodate contracted staff during their shifts.  Further consideration should be given to the need for additional office space for those staff, including a work area that allows for taking calls, participating in conference calls, or filling out paperwork (e.g., timesheets, documentation, reporting).  The consoles or workstations on the TMC operations floor may need necessary software packages or access to the Internet that would be required for filling in electronic timesheets or preparation of reports.  In addition, contracted staff may need to communicate with their firm’s management.  

In this work area, consideration should be given to the providing the following:

computers with appropriate software applications,



desks other furniture, and

office supplies.

If the contracted services are for TMC functions that require specialized equipment, then accommodations for these should also be considered.

Management Tools and Reporting

Tools for Management

Key resources in defining procedures for contracted TMC services include a TMC’s operations manual, its service patrol manual, its high-occupancy vehicle manual, and other operational guides.  The activities that are identified in those sources can serve as checklists, definitions of work, and performance indicators for the activities that TMC service providers could perform.  

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