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Draft Report

Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

Table 8.  Example Performance Measures.


Desired outcome

Required service(s)

Performance standard(s)

Monitoring method(s)


TMC must be able to maintain full staffing levels during weather and other emergency events.

The contractor shall provide qualified operators to adequately staff TMC during emergency events.

TMC shall have a full complement of operators during 95% of all emergency events.

Review of operator times sheets.

Random sampling during weather events.

Courtesy patrol

Courtesy patrol is regarded as helpful, polite, and a useful expenditure.

The contractor shall provide courtesy patrol drivers who are trained to handle minor roadway emergencies in a safe manner while being respectful and polite.

Procedure for handling courtesy patrol complaints.

Complaints from assisted users should number 5% or less of total assists.

Complaints shall be addressed in 5 working days, based upon TMC resolution standards, with written response to complainant and TMC courtesy patrol manager.

Monthly review of all complaints, with resolutions, with contract manager.

Follow-up customer surveys with courtesy patrol users to assess quality of the services, and politeness of the drivers.

TMC operations

TMC operators manage incidents in a timely and accurate fashion.

The contractor shall provide TMC operators who are trained in incident management.

The contracted operator staff will handle all incidents in accordance with established TMC operations manual.  

Operators will handle initial incident response within prescribed time requirements.

Operator actions will be logged, with time stamps, in an agreed-upon format.

100% of operators employed by contractor must complete approved incident management training within 30 days of initial employment.

Operators will respond to minor incidents within 5 minutes of detection by automatic systems.

Operators will respond to major incidents within 2 minutes of detection by automatic systems.

95% of the time, operators will utilize the correct response scenario and messages as prescribed by the TMC incident scenario database.

Contractor training and certification records.

Periodic sampling of operator logs and comparison to automated system alert times.

Periodic sampling of operator response messages.

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