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Draft Report

Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services


Desired outcome

Required service(s)

Performance standard(s)

Monitoring method(s)

Roadway monitoring systems maintenance

TMC equipment used to monitor roadways must be functioning, accurate, and well maintained, with maintenance needs being addressed in a timely manner.

The contractor shall provide calibration records of all roadside equipment.

The contractor shall receive reports of routine equipment failures on a 24/7 basis using an information entry tool.

The contractor shall receive reports of critical equipment failures via a paging or manned telephone system on a 24/7 basis.

The contractor shall address reports of malfunctioning equipment to assess options for repair or replacement.

Calibration procedures will be performed on 10% of all deployed equipment per month, on a rotating basis.

A web-based system with a 99% uptime performance will receive and record all routine equipment failure reports and disseminate that information to managers on the contractor staff.

A telephone or paging system will be employed which delivers critical failure reports to contractor managers within 5 minutes of report.

Contractor will assess routine equipment failures within 5 working days of failure notification.

Contractor will assess critical equipment failures within 4 hours of failure notification.

For the duration of the contract, the contractor will maintain on-staff at least 2 crews cross-trained in assessing and repairing equipment failures on the roadside monitoring devices in use.

Review of contractor hiring records

Review of work request logs received through automated system.

Review of work request logs and response times.

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