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Draft Report

Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

Chapter 5 –

Lessons Learned

Chapter Overview

The purpose of this chapter is to synthesize the lessons learned from the review of current and recommended practices described in earlier chapters and the lessons learned from a survey of practitioners.  A description of the survey and its results are provided in the following sections prior to a listing of the lessons learned. Chapter 5 combines findings from Chapters 2, 3, and 4 as well as findings from the project survey described in this chapter.  

Findings from TMC Agency Survey

As part of this TMC services project, the research team conducted a survey of TMCs to determine their experiences with outsourcing.  The electronic survey was created and administered by TTI with invitations to participate sent by FHWA.  

The survey characterized the type and level of outsourcing in use by various TMCs.  Respondents were first asked to identify their TMC by name and indicate the area it covers.  Information specific to the individual respondent was not requested, thereby making the survey anonymous.  However, an option was provided at the end of the survey to provide contact information for follow-ups as necessary.  

After the identification section, a question was asked to determine if the TMC was operated by a single agency or a consortium.  The respondents were asked to identify which types of functions or services were currently in operation.  The survey also asked how long these functions/services had been in place, with the following choices available for a response:

Not offered by TMC,

Offered <1 year,

Offered 1-2 years,

Offered 2-5 years, and

Offered >5 years.

TMCs had additional response opportunities available to describe any additional services not in the list provided.  Figure 10 illustrates the responses to the questions.

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