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Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

When using agency staff to supplement or manage contracted services, TMC positions should be created as new positions rather than being carved from existing personnel and existing operating budget allotments.  

Positions to supplement or manage contracted services should not compete with existing operational needs.  

In accordance with good practices in contracting procedures, contracts should spell out explicitly what type of situations must be monitored, on what basis, what corrective actions are expected if operational parameters are exceeded, and what penalties will be assessed.

The contract should identify what activities are required and what performance measures are enacted and suspended during exceptional events, such as hurricane evacuation.


Examine the list of performance measures and ensure that you will have information that can easily and quickly be understood by the target audience.

The key to a successful program is to not rely on any single type of measure.  

In any family of measures (classification scheme), there will be multiple measures of each type used in an ongoing TMC program.  The goal of performance measurement is to identify measures that help the TMC to better manage, control, and improve its outsourcing operations.

It might be advantageous to include collection of some performance measures in the scope of work to be performed by the TMC service contractors.  

Legislative and executive officials develop greater expectations as states and public agencies receive more funding, even if these dollars do not account for the addition of new employees.

Rising expectations of existing staff are especially felt during periods of economic recession.  However, in general there is a trend toward greater accountability and transparency for all public agencies and services.  These rising expectations emphasize the utility of performance measures to provide high-quality and meaningful communications to policy makers, public officials, and travelers (see Chapter 4 for additional information on TMC performance measures).

Comparisons of the cost-effectiveness of outsourced versus in-house activities can be difficult to quantify accurately.

The agency must carefully choose measures with relevance and importance to successfully executing the work and meeting the goals and objectives.  The evaluation criteria weighting must be carefully developed to get the best overall value from the various contractor proposals.

Performance measurement should be a systematic and ongoing component for evaluating TMC services contracts.

Using a consistent methodology enables an agency to collect and evaluate information for the purpose of achieving multiple goals, such as increasing efficiency and meeting customer expectations.  Tracking these measurements, both over time and compared

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