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Draft Report

Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

Chapter 6 – Case Studies

Chapter Overview

Thirteen solicitations for contracted TMC services were reviewed during the preparation of this document.  Three of the requests for proposals (RFPs) were selected for inclusion in Chapter 8 –.  Chapter 8 includes solicitations for the New York State Department of Transportation, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the Virginia Department of Transportation. Those and RFPs from other agencies are examined in this chapter; however, the New York, Florida, and Virginia solicitations are highlighted.  

In the New York example, the contractor provides operations staff for two TMCs in Albany.  In the Florida example, the contractor provides operations of the SunGuide TMC and other services such as public outreach and utility location.  Similarly to the Florida example, the Virginia TMC services contract requires the contractor to operate a TMC and to provide other services such as public outreach and utility location.  

The three highlighted examples illustrate a range of contracting options.  New York asks for contractor-supplied TMC staff members that work at the direction of the sponsoring agency.  In Florida and Virginia examples, the contracts seek a more turnkey operation where the contractor provides staff resources to meet performance objectives.  In these last two cases, the contractor will decide on the total quantity of employees and the compensation package for its workers.  Virginia adds incentives to the performance-based concept.

Key Features

Table 13 provides a snapshot of key features from the statements of work for the three solicitations in New York, Florida, and Virginia.  In some cases, the appropriate section number from the statement of work has been noted in the table.  The complete statements of work are located in Chapter 8 – Example Requests for Proposals.

Table 13. Key Features of Statements of Work

New York State DOT

Florida DOT

Virginia DOT

Type of contract

Standard contract with hourly rates

Indefinite quantity agreement (Section 6.1)

Fixed-cost reimbursable with incentive fee basis

Performance based contract


Yes (Section 6.7, 6.8)


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