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Draft Report

Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

documents reviewed referenced performance measurements and incentives in the contract for at least some aspects of the work.  The documents came from the following agencies (some agencies had multiple documents): Rhode Island DOT, Connecticut DOT, New York State DOT, California DOT, Florida DOT, Virginia DOT, and Texas DOT.  Some of the criteria used to evaluate performance in these contracts include:  adherence to staffing, response to incident identification within five minutes, percent of on-time deliverables, and staff retention.  See Section 3.1 of the Virginia DOT request for further examples.

Performance Criteria

The Rhode Island DOT, Connecticut DOT, New York State DOT, California DOT, Florida DOT, Virginia DOT, and Texas DOT listed performance criteria in their contracts. Florida and Virginia had the most extensive performance criteria of the 13 contracts reviewed for this report.  For example, the Virginia DOT listed the following categories of criteria:  staff and schedule, TMC operations services, contract management services, TMC information technology services, miscellaneous TMC operations support services, and ITS utility locate services.


Most agencies have minimum contract periods of performance of at least three years, and they frequently have options for renewal and extension of time.  For instance:

The Rhode Island DOT specified a three-year period of performance with renewal options for an additional two years.

The New York DOT identified a contract period of three years.

The Florida DOT specified a five-year period of performance.

Virginia DOT required three years with two optional two-year extensions for a total of seven years.

Evaluation of Proposals

The type of contract and applicable laws will often dictate the procedures used to evaluate proposals.  However, in most cases there will be provisions to evaluate proposals based in part on factors other than price.  The following examples illustrate this approach.

Excerpted from a Rhode Island RFP:

Firm’s Suitability to Project: As part of the evaluation process, RIDOT will take into consideration the size and scope of the project proposed in determining the technical suitability of a firm to provide the requested services.  RIDOT will assess each firm’s technical capacity and relative firm size in relationship to the level of project complexity.

Summarized from a New York State DOT RFP:

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