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Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

Proposals are evaluated based on the technical and cost criteria.  Technical and Management represent 65% and include experience, organization and staffing, approach and scope of services.  Cost and contract proposal represents 35% of the points scored.  See Part V “Criteria for Evaluation of Proposals” of the New York scope of services for additional information.

The Virginia DOT identified the following factors applicable for evaluation of proposals:  technical approach, schedule, and qualifications (in Section 7.1 of their RFP).

Evaluation of Price

How offering price is evaluated depends on the local laws and statutes and the type of contract used.  As an example, the Virginia DOT evaluated an offeror’s price using a formula that looked at the ratio of the lowest price offered compared to the price of the offer being evaluated.

Number of Firms Selected

The public agency sponsors frequently asked for the flexibility to award to more than one firm.  For instance, TxDOT indicated it could proceed with a single or multiple award decision as follows.

Single Award: One purchase order awarded to a single vendor.

Multiple Awards: A multiple award is the award of multiple purchase orders for the same line item(s) from a single solicitation to two or more vendors to provide the same or similar goods or services.


Several of the documents include training responsibilities.

Rhode Island DOT:

Technical Guidance/Program Development: Develop, implement, and maintain new tools or identify existing tools to be used to capture, monitor and report on system performance and benefits data; provide training in all areas showing a need; all training is to be provided under RIDOT direction. Assist in the implementation of RIDOT Service Patrols and when implemented, establish performance measures and track incident data.

New York State DOT:

Training Special Provisions: The CONSULTANT will provide for the maintenance of records and furnish periodic reports documenting their performance under this Training Special Provision.

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