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Draft Report

Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services


Provide monthly safety training to all staff.  Provide a monthly report of the content and a list of all staff attended this safety training.


The contractor shall ensure all staff has the required training.

Florida DOT:

In this contract, the consultant is responsible for all training. Specific references to training are found in Sections 4.1.1, 4.1.3, and 4.3 of the Florida DOT contract.

Incentive Fee

Virginia DOT:

Incentive Fee Program Overview: VDOT has chosen to let this contract on a fixed cost reimbursable with incentive fee basis for the 0 & M work scope. The contractor cost proposal will establish the cost reimbursable ceiling amount. Contractors will be awarded incentive fees in addition to their cost to perform work under this contract. The fees are calculated using a point system which awards points for performance against the specification contained in Section 3. . . .The contractor will apply for their incentive fees on a quarterly basis. VDOT has opportunity to challenge the contractor’s incentive fee request. In the event there is a dispute, the Management Team will determine the point allocation for the award fee calculation.

Payment Schedule

New York State DOT:

Monthly progress payments will be made based on actual allowable costs incurred during the period. Bills are subject to approval of the State's Representative. A percentage of the Consultant's Fee will be paid with each payment.

Virginia DOT:


See pages 104, 106-108 of the contract

Cost Ceiling

Since the amount of work requested from the contractor could vary over the 3+ year life of the contract, agencies and contractors benefit from a mutual understanding of the maximum work that will be performed.  Here is excerpted wording from Florida’s RFP in Section 6.6:

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