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Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

is keeping the TMC focused on its core mission of improving or mitigating traffic problems in a cost-effective manner.

In general, performance measurement can provide benefits in multiple areas, including:





Improvements over time, and

Future planning.

Accountability identifies if resources are being allocated to the priority needs.  The desired effect is to achieve more informed decision making.  This goes hand-in-hand with efficiency, which examines the output for any given level of input.  A typical example might look at the staff necessary to provide a given level of management and whether improvements in the process can reduce staffing needs, save costs or free up infrastructure for other uses.

Effectiveness typically measures a shift in an agency’s approach.  By using performance measurement, agencies have been able to shift their thinking.  Instead of recording how many incidents took place in a given timeframe, the important concept shifts to questions such as:  Has there been a reduction in incidents?  Has there been a decrease in the average time of each incident?

Improving communication is perhaps an obvious and self-explanatory benefit of performance measurement.  By focusing on primary goals that are important to the customer base, and identifying the appropriate information to convey results, communications cannot help but to be improved.

Identifying improvements over time is another obvious benefit of a systematic evaluation process.  By collecting and utilizing data in support of an on-going process, trends can be identified and long-term monitoring put into place.  The feedback from these mechanisms can allow for the refinement of programs and services, both internal and external.

As a final benefit, performance measurement can’t help but impact on future planning.  As detailed above, the information gained from on-going focused evaluations allows for refinements.  These refinements can be planned for and accomplished with greater accuracy and efficiency than would be possible without a performance management system.  Additionally, the availability of a solid basis for future plans may lead to an increase in the dollars available for operational improvements.

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