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Procuring, Managing, and Evaluating the Performance of Contracted TMC Services

By comparison, an outcome measure is subjective.  It generally provides information or an assessment on the results obtained from carrying out a program or activity.  Customer satisfaction assessments are a prime example of outcome measures.

The close wording of these last two categories tends to be a little confusing.  A way of differentiating these categories is that an outcome measure typically looks at the effectiveness of something.  Has the situation changed?  Has a program improved?  What has been the progress towards an agency goal?  

An output measure typically looks at efficiency.  What rate of change was seen?  What percent reduction was created?  What are the numbers associated with each activity?

Goal-Based Classification

Another typical classification used to organize performance measures is to group them according to their general goal.  The categories are typically the goals of the agency or TMC, such as mobility, safety, and system performance.  One advantage of this type of classification system is that measures based on their goal area can help provide a continual focus on the TMC goals.  The list of typical goal areas used in this type of classification system might include:

Accessibility – ensuring convenience and/or right-of-entry to customers,

Mobility – the relative ease of difficulty of making a trip,

Economic Development – the cost, economic health, and vitality of the transportation system,

Quality of Life – the sense of community desires and customer satisfaction,

Environmental and Resource Conservation – the assets saved or expended, either natural or man-made,

Safety – the levels and rates of incidents or other occurrences,

Operational Efficiency – measures of productivity, manpower, financial resources, etc., and

System Condition and Performance – measures of physical conditions, service ranges, etc.

For contracted TMC services, goal areas might include items such as:  

Quality – meeting specified satisfaction goals for public service oriented tasks, such as courtesy patrols,

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